May The Films Be With You

Fortnightly film podcast with hosts Chris and Callum who assemble to discuss the latest movies, news, and wrap it up in with some slice-of-life - have a question or thoughts? Email us to get featured on the next episode!

35: Mission Impossible: Fallout Review - Incredibles 2 Review (Don’t say we don’t spoil you!)

August 13th, 2018

In this weeks jam packed episode, the boys review the arm-reloading, death-defying MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT, as well as re-live their youths through the long awaited INCREDIBLES II.  

The boys also lose their minds in FILM CLUB watching Ghostbusters (2017) with what could be the worst film yet! As well as discussing all thing VENOM while new trailers lower their expectations with each passing day.


Does Tom Cruise have a death wish? Is Incredibles worth the wait? Who you gonna call? Find out in this weeks episode of… ‘May the films be with you’!


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